Diamond man dies after car crashes into truck

A 24-year-old man died on Tuesday night after he crashed into a parked truck along the Yarrowkabra Public Road, Soesdyke/ Linden Highway.

The accident, which occurred at approximately 11 pm, claimed the life of Ryan Wilson of Lot 982 Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara.

The unconscious Wilson was pulled from the mangled motor car, PWW 1114 and rushed to the Diamond Hospital by bystanders where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The police in a press statement yesterday said that Wilson was proceeding south along the eastern carriageway of the road, allegedly at a fast rate when he collided with the front of motor lorry GPP 2777 with trailer TTT1610 which was stationary along the eastern side of the said road.

At the time, a bulldozer was loaded onto the trailer of the lorry, the police said.

The driver, a 40-year-old resident of Kuru Kururu, Soesdyke/Linden Highway, who was reportedly standing outside of his vehicle at the time of the accident is currently in custody assisting with the investigation.

When Stabroek News visited the dead man’s house yesterday, scores of relatives had gathered upon receiving the news of the accident.

His mother was inconsolable. She was being comforted by relatives as she constantly broke down in tears.

His father, Nazir Mohammed, related to Stabroek News that at the time Wilson met his demise he was on his way back to the family’s business located at Long Creek after visiting them in Diamond.

Mohammed said he owns and operates a sawmill at Long Creek. At the business premises he said there are three houses where Wilson stayed and overlooked the business.

Mohammed explained that on Tuesday around 6 pm, Wilson made a visit to Diamond. “‘He bathe and so. He went at the barber, suh he go across the road weh he got an uncle, he go and see he uncle as usually go see no matter what and then he leave to go back that way (Long Creek) around 10pm”, he said.

He said they learnt of the accident when he received a call from one of his other son’s friend who informed him that their car (PWW 1114) had been involved in an accident. “One ah meh other son friend call and seh that how we car get in an accident up the highway but them ain’t know who in the car or whatever so I try to call back to find out what really going on but we … get up and go down to the hospital because they say some people bring he down”, he added.

Mohammed said when he arrived at the hospital, his son was bleeding profusely. “…So when we carry he in the hospital, the doctor say ‘sorry but it’s a dead person’ and that was it”, Mohammed recalled.

Different version

The grieving father said he visited the scene yesterday where he was told a different version of what transpired.

 “From what I understand this truck at that hour been on the highway which is not a parking lot”, Mohammed said.

Mohammed said based on what persons at the scene related to him yesterday, the truck was not parked at the time of the accident.

“The say it (the truck) did come out of some road already and did going and try fuh catch the road me son went on and me son try fuh steer off how I see the accident happen but like they pull back dey truck and that was it”, he related.

He said Wilson’s motor car is damaged beyond recognition.

Mohammed also explained that even though the truck was parked as being claimed, there was no reflector/s indicting such. “If they did park on the road, if that was so true, they didn’t had no reflector or nothing. If you park on the road, on the highway especially, the roads them ain’t got proper light”, he noted.

He, however, noted that at this point the focus is on Wilson’s burial after which he will pursue the matter since he needs justice. “I need justice for my son”, Wilson said.:

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