Woman discharged from hospital following attack by son-in-law

Lorraine McBeth

The woman who was attacked by her son-in-law on Saturday has been released from the Georgetown Public Hospital and she, her daughter and granddaughter are recovering at home.

Around 2 am on Saturday at Success, East Coast Demerara, 36-year-old Julian Sargeant, a construction worker, attacked his common-law partner, Tiffany Mc Beth, 18, her mother Lorraine McBeth and her niece Nathania Browne.

Tiffany, Sargeant and Browne were sleeping together on a bed while Lorraine was in a hammock. The young woman was awakened by Sargeant choking her. After fighting him off he turned to the baby and attacked her.

Tiffany McBeth

Lorraine was woken up by the loud commotion in the house and rushed into the bedroom where she saw Sargeant attacking her daughter and her granddaughter. The two were able to fight the man off who subsequently armed himself with a knife from the kitchen and dealt several stabs to the girl’s mother.

Sargeant also stabbed Tiffany several times until the knife broke and then he started to punch her. Eventually Lorraine was able to escape and armed herself with a pot which made the man flee.

They were then rushed to the hospital where Lorraine was admitted along with her daughter and granddaughter.

Relatives related to Stabroek News yesterday that they were all discharged on Saturday. 

“Everything is going stable. She [Lorraine] was released yesterday [Saturday] and she doesn’t have any serious injuries just some wounds. The little girl is not doing so good. They discharged her the same morning and to me I don’t think they should’ve done that. Up to now her eyes are not opening. He choke her till blood come to her eyes, you know,” a relative explained.

They explained that Tiffany is also in a stable condition and is trying her best not to let the situation affect her mentally.

“She’s back home  and she’s very strong mentally and very focused,” her brother noted, while stating that the family is still confused as to why Sargeant attacked them.

However, they did point out that he was “acting very strange” the same night.

 After escaping, Sargeant reportedly hijacked a car with a cutlass and was arrested after he was involved in an accident.

The police said that he is currently in custody at the Sparendaam Police Station and charges are expected to be laid shortly.

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