Girlfriend of man shot dead by hotelier says he was not armed

-demands justice

Jason De Florimonte

Christine Rambarran, the girlfriend of Jason De Florimonte, the driver who was fatally shot on Saturday morning by a city hotelier is demanding justice while stating that the deceased had not attacked the perpetrator as is being claimed by his staff.

Rambarran, 24, who shared a child with Jason, related to Stabroek News yesterday that Jason was not armed with a knife at the time when he was shot as is being claimed by a woman who is employed in the hotel’s kitchen.

“…Because of the distance I was from where the incident happen, the yard (Jason’s yard) is a long yard. It would take a time for Jason to run in and come out back and head straight over to the hotel”, Rambarran said, while noting, “of course I have a rolling pin and I have knives. But I don’t have a white handle knife and I don’t have a Rambo knife in my house. Because the knife that the woman was flashing was a big knife and that she said Jason came running in the hotel with. I don’t have any big knives in my house except the chopper”…..