AFC being forced to prove ‘electoral worth’ with solo campaign

-David Hinds

Dr David Hinds

Saying that the Alliance For Change (AFC) had no leverage to win concessions from A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) in a joint slate for the upcoming local government polls, political analyst and Working People’s Alliance (WPA) executive David Hinds says he believes it has been forced to contest independently to prove its “electoral worth.” 

Similar views are also shared by some AFC members although they see the party’s independent campaign in the upcoming polls as an opportunity for it to reconnect with constituents who do not believe that it has an independent voice in the governing coalition. 

“I am not surprised that the AFC has decided to enter the elections on their own. The only other choice was to not contest at all. And that would have been an admission of defeat. In effect, the APNU got what it wanted—it forced the AFC to go out and prove its electoral worth in circumstances that are not favourable to the latter,” Hinds yesterday said…..