Businessman blames cyclist for causing fatal accident

Ramanand Jagdeo, the businessman who is on trial for allegedly causing a cyclist’s death by dangerous driving, yesterday testified that the now deceased man rode  suddenly onto the East Bank Public Road, thereby resulting in the fatal accident.

It is alleged that on February 22nd, 2018, at Peter’s Hall Public Road, Jagdeo drove motorcar PRR 4395 in a manner dangerous to the public, thereby causing the death of Alexander Appiah.

When the trial resumed yesterday before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan, the court heard from Lance Corporal 19354 Singh, a crime scene photographer, who testified to taking seven photos. The photos were tendered into evidence and marked exhibits G1 to G7.

Afterward, Police Prosecutor Neville Jeffers closed his case and the Chief Magistrate subsequently called upon the accused to lead his defence.

With the guidance of his attorney, Paul Fung-A-Fat, Jagdeo opted to give unsworn evidence.

Jagdeo told the court that he was proceeding south along the East Bank Public Road to head home when the accident occurred. “While going on the right hand side, going up to Grove,” the accused said, “I saw a set of people on the left hand side of the pavement at Peters Hall.” Jagdeo noted that he suddenly saw a bicycle, coming from the left to right and he suddenly applied his breaks. The accused noted that he stopped and came out of his vehicle and was immediately flocked by different persons, who began to hit him. He said they also relieved him of $6,000 that was in his possession. Jagdeo stated that the police later arrived and took him to a police station.

Fung-A-Fat, in making closing submissions, told the court that the police had no evidence against this client. He added that the police had in their possession a caution statement, upon which Jagdeo is relying. As a result, he urged the court to dismiss the charge against his client.

Police prosecutor Jeffers, however, urged the court to find the defendant guilty of the crime of causing death by dangerous driving. He encouraged the court to believe the evidence presented by witnesses that the road was well lit at the time of the accident.

Chief Magistrate McLennan then adjourned the matter until August 14th, when a decision is expected to be made.

According to the prosecutor’s evidence, on the day in question, at about 9 pm, Jagdeo was the driver of PRR 4395 and was proceeding south along the eastern carriageway of the Peter’s Hall Public Road at a fast rate. The deceased, a pedal cyclist, was going in the same direction when he was allegedly struck by Jagdeo. After the accident, Appiah’s right leg was severed. He was later picked up and rushed to a hospital, where he died on February 28th.

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