NAREI helping with Baramita kitchen gardens

The National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) is helping ten households in the Carib community of Baramita in Region One to establish and run kitchen gardens, according to the Department of Public Information (DPI).

The initiative is part of the Ministerial Task Force’s strategy  to improve the living standard of Baramita residents, especially single parent mothers and members of the Hinterland Employment Youth Service.

According to DPI, NAREI said that between August 9 and 12, its Hinterland Co-ordinator, Aaron Ramroop exposed participants to practical training in cash crop seedling production and orchard management. The training was done on small holdings owned by some participants and at the Baramita Training Centre.

Participants were each given three seed trays and seeds for cash crops including hot and sweet peppers, cabbage and other vegetables. They also received small packs of ochro seeds and 20 seedling bags to plant soursop and papaya.

NAREI, through its Extension Services, will be monitoring the progress of the households.

Toshao Sharmain Rambajue told DPI that over the next three years she will be encouraging more subsistence farming and will be partnering with the Ministry of Agriculture to provide technical and other support to the residents.

“We have the miners in the area and also the school kitchen, however, we have to send for greens (vegetables) and meat all the way from Georgetown. Therefore, if we have persons within the community supplying the miners and the school, again the monies will be circulated right here and it will also provide employment”, she said.

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