Number 54 village labourer died of hypovolemic shock, PM reveals

The labourer whose body was discovered at the Number 54 Village, Corentyne backlands last Thursday, died as a result of a hypovolemic shock, a Post Mortem (PM) examination revealed yesterday.

The man, Malcolm Corlette, 37, who was discovered by residents face-down with his arms twisted, in the backlands of Number 54 Village, Corentyne, died as a result of hypovolemic shock and burn.

Police have ruled out foul play as having contributed to the cause of death.

Hypovolemic shock is a life-threatening condition that results when the body loses more than 20% of its blood or fluid supply. The severe fluid loss makes it impossible for the heart to pump a sufficient amount of blood around the body. The condition, which requires immediate medical attention, can lead to organ failure.

Hypovolemic shock, according to the ‘Burn Injury Resource Center’, an online source, can result from blood loss caused by a cut or internal bleeding, loss of plasma due to severe burns or dehydration.

Stabroek News recently reported that the deceased’s mother, Sandra Griffith, of Tain Village, Corentyne, reported not observing any marks about her son’s body after it was discovered. Residents had told Stabroek News that Corlette was bleeding from his mouth when he was found.

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