Moleson Creek access road undergoing $5M in rehab works

-as region responds to residents’ pleas

Vice Chairman of Region Six, Denis Deroop (at left) checking on works being carried out on the Molson Creek road

The Regional Administration of Region Six is currently executing $5 million in rehabilitative works to the main access road at Moleson Creek.

Regional Chairman David Armogan, in an interview with Sunday Stabroek, explained that the regional officials thought it necessary to have work executed on the roadway after residents and farmers highlighted its deplorable state.

“It was brought to our attention by residents as well as farmers and we thought it necessary because there is a school in there and [also, because of] the condition of the road…we need to help because they are finding great difficulty bringing out their produce to the market to sell with donkey carts and so on, and it’s not easy for a donkey to be pulling on that kind of dam,” Armogan explained…..

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