Murder accused among three escapees from Lusignan jail

Three prisoners including a murder accused are currently on the run after they escaped from the Holding Bay of the Lusignan Prison early this morning by scaling a wall.

This was confirmed by Director of Prisons Gladwin Samuels who informed the media that the incident occurred around 4.30am.

The inmates have been identified as Dextroy Pollard of Wales Village, West Bank Demerara, Travis Evans of `C’ Field Sophia and Sudesh Dyal of Wales Backdam, WBD.

While details surrounding the escape remain unclear, Samuels confirmed that the inmates managed to flee by jumping over a wall of the facility.

At the time of their escape, Evans was on remand on a murder charge while both Pollard and Dyal were held for the offence of break and enter and larceny.

Dyal also has an additional charge of escaping for lawful custody.

The escape from the facility has once again raised questions about the security measures in place. The Lusignan prison and the general prison system have been beset by a series of breakouts and the smuggling of items into jail houses.

A manhunt is currently underway for the trio.

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