Mocha activist celebrates 100 years of living

Ina Barnwell-Bacchus (Region Four administration photo)

Mocha/Arcadia community activist Ina Barnwell-Bacchus celebrated her 100th birth anniversary on Monday.

A press release from the Region Four administration reported that Barnwell-Bacchus, born November 5th, 1918, is regarded as being a political stalwart in her community, contributing to its development through years of service.

Fittingly, she was joined in the celebration of her century milestone by residents of the Mocha/ Arcadia community and officials from the region. Also in attendance were Minister of Social Cohesion and the General Secretary of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) Amna Ally.

Regional Chairman of Region Four Genevieve Allen thanked the elderly woman for her service to the residents in the lead up to her “golden milestone.”

The Neighbourhood Democratic Council, through its Chairman Rudolph Adams, gifted the centenarian a recliner in observance of her birthday, the release said. It added that “an almost emotional” Barnwell-Bacchus was presented with an LFS Burnham medal by Ally and other PNCR supporters.

Notably, the centenarian birthed seven children, only three of whom remain alive. The eldest of her offspring is said to be 71 years old.

The woman shared her belief that gratitude is the key to living a long life, and stressed that she has always been grateful for all she has been blessed with.

“Be thankful and contented as that is all I can say as there is no big secret to long life and I must wish myself a happy birthday because I am [at a]loss for words,” she stated.


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