Guyanese pastor, US missionary die in Suriname accident

Patrick Tulsie

A Guyanese pastor and a visiting American missionary are now dead after they were involved in a vehicular accident in Suriname yesterday afternoon.

At the time of the accident, Patrick Tulsie, 73, of Cornelia Ida, West Coast Demerara, was driving his vehicle, a Toyota Raum, with the visiting missionary, Tim Manning, as his passenger. They were reportedly on their way to a location on Keizerstraat, Paramaribo.

Patrick Tulsie’s mangled car after the accident

Not many details about the accident were available up to press time but Stabroek News was told that Tulsie’s vehicle collided head on with a truck. As a result of the impact, Tulsie and Manning were pitched out of the car. They both reportedly died on the spot. A utility pole and metres of electrical and telephone wires were also damaged.

Members of Tulsie’s family confirmed his death last night but explained that they were not in a position to give any details since they were unsure of what had transpired themselves. However, they noted that the man would frequent Suriname to minister at a church.

The truck that collided with Patrick Tulsie’s car in Suriname

Reports from the neighbouring country suggest that the Surinamese truck driver did not suffer any serious injuries.

Condolences were extended to Tulsie’s family on Facebook, where he was remembered as a model citizen and a “very friendly” man who “wouldn’t pass you anywhere straight.”

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