Lawman shot by suspected Sindicatos gang undergoes surgery

Deputy Commissioners Paul Williams DSM (right) and Maxine Graham DSM (left), along with ranks from the Guyana Defence Force at the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital on Tuesday night, when the injured cop arrived.

Policeman Quincy Alexander, who was shot in the back by persons alleged to be members of the ‘Sindicatos’ gang, while in a boat on the Wenamu River, in Region Seven, yesterday underwent surgery to remove the bullet.

Crime Chief Deputy Commissioner Lyndon Alves, yesterday told Stabroek News that Alexander, who is a patient at the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, underwent surgery at around 11 am yesterday.  Alves, however, indicated that he did not receive any update on the procedure. 

Alexander was shot in his lower back.

Alexander was admitted to the private city hospital on Tuesday night at around 8.30 after being medevacked from the interior by the Guyana Defence Force.

The crime chief yesterday disclosed that ranks were dispatched to the location to obtain statements from the passengers of the boat and the captain. He noted that a detailed statement will be taken from Alexander when he has fully recovered.

Touching on the arrest of suspected members of the ‘Sindicatos’ gang, Alves said that the investigation will likely require a diplomatic conversation between Guyana and Venezuela.

At the time of the encounter, Alexander, 38, of South Amelia’s Ward, Linden was returning to the Eteringbang Police Station, where he is based.  He and others were travelling in a passenger boat when they came under fire.

‘F’ Division Commander Kevin Adonis told Stabroek News that the boat came under fire from the Venezuelan side of the river.

While in the vicinity of Butanuamu Creek Point, Adonis said the captain of the boat failed to stop and accelerated up the river. It was at this point that they came under fire and the passengers were forced to duck for cover.

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