Auchlyne boy in custody over fatal stabbing of drinking buddy

Desmond Sewdath

A 16-year-old Auchlyne Village, Corentyne boy was arrested on Saturday after he allegedly dealt his drinking partner a fatal stab to his stomach during an argument.

The deceased was identified as Desmond Sewdath, also known as “Bull”, 30, a labourer, of Lot 124 Whim Village, Corentyne.

Sewdath was picked up on Saturday after he sustained a single stab to the left side of his stomach and rushed to the Port Mourant Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The accused was turned over to the police by his mother on Saturday afternoon after he visited her clothing stall.

According to information gathered, Sewdath was in the process of leaving a rumshop in Auchlyne Village, where the two, in the company of others, had been imbibing. The accused approached him on the road after which an argument ensued and Sewath was stabbed.

Stabroek News was told that the victim and the accused were involved in an ongoing feud. A relative relayed that two weeks ago, the accused threatened to stab Sewdath. “Them been fight and he tell me brother not to come around he that he go stab he”.

Friends of both explained that they would often imbibe in the company of each other and other friends.  According to Sewdath’s brother, around 4 pm on Saturday, he received a message that his brother had been killed.

Tony Sewdath said that minutes to 3 pm on Saturday was the last time he saw his now dead brother. “I see he with some friend by Auchlyne Village First Street a drink deh. The other friend them know me so them call me and me go in and gaff with them but me na drink because me go fishing and me left he deh”.

The man recalled that after returning about one hour later from the backlands he was informed of the incident by other relatives.

The brother also said that he saw the accused with the suspected murder weapon which he was using to “buss ice” during the drinking spree on Saturday.

He added, “Me brother a tell me watch he (accused) get a knife deh and me holla pon he to come home, me chase he home and after he say he na come home, I just left he and gone”.

Meanwhile, the mother of the accused said that she is surprised about what transpired on Saturday. “I don’t know what them fight about. All I know he  and the boy (Sewdath) use to fetch rubbish together. The boy (Sewdath) use to come collect he for them go work together”.

His mother said she took her son out of school at the age of 14 after he was involved in several fights with teachers and students. The lad was released several months ago from the Sophia Juvenile Detention Centre.

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