Ministry launches workshop on Early Childhood Development

Ministry launches workshop on Early Childhood Development

The Ministry of Education yesterday launched the national sensitisation workshop on Caribbean Early Childhood Development.

According to a Depart-ment of Public Information (DPI) release, the participants, most of whom are early-childhood educators, will explore among other things, how principles can be applied to their specific national setting.

Minister of Education Dr. Nicolette Henry in her remarks, said the early education field needs well-conducted empirical studies upon which professional development practices will be based, the DPI release added.

“The Ministry of Education is acting on this proven global and regional quantitative research, which demonstrates tangible results, by capturing and shaping a child’s early educational achievement in a safe and nurturing environment”, the minister was quoted as saying. She believes that such an environment is essential for changes in intelligence, personality and social behaviour, the DPI stated.

Henry noted that it is essential that the education sector sources its practice from the region as a “homogenous nature of our unique ‘Caribbeaness’ and socioeconomic cultures”, which, she said, can be tackled in a practical manner.

The Education Minister also emphasised the importance of investment in early education. As such, she said the knowledge, skills and practices of early childhood educators are important factors in the learning process.

Minister Henry was also quoted as saying, “The government of Guyana understands this and that is why there is an unprecedented increase in investment including budgetary allocation in this sector, which I believe, we will reap the benefits from as a country, not only now, but in the future.”

The Caribbean Early Childhood Development good practice guide was developed specifically for countries within the region. It was designed to assist education policymakers and practitioners in the field, to deliver quality care and learning experiences for children in Guyana and the Caribbean.

The two-day workshop is supported by the Caribbean Development Bank and is being facilitated by Leon Charles, a development consultant from Grenada, and Sian Williams, of Jamaica.

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