Mandela Ave hotel and mall now slated for completion in 2019

An artist’s impression of the Orchid Garden Hotel and Shopping Mall

The hotel and shopping mall under construction on Mandela Avenue, Georgetown, next to the Chinese Embassy, is now expected to be completed by the end of 2019, says Jason Wang, President of the China Trading Company, one of the principals behind the investment.

Wang, in an interview with Sunday Stabroek, explained that they are currently completing the roof of the building that will house the Orchid Garden Hotel and Mall and will begin internal works in 2019.

“In 2019 we will look at the electrical installation, fire prevention system, plumbing, air conditioning vents and sectioning off. We are looking to have all of this completed by end of 2019,” Wang said, when he provided an update on the works.

He noted further that a new investor has come on board and there has been some changes to the layout of the hotel section of the facility.

“The investors wants to have some higher level finishes to the rooms at [the] hotel so we had to make some changes on that aspect of the project,” added Wang.

He also disclosed that the complex will be powered in part by a solar generator. The engineering company, he explained, is working on the layout of this and they are looking to begin installation in 2019 after the design is finalised.

Foundation works for the project, including a 150-room hotel, started in 2015, with US$20 million  being pumped into the construction of the hybrid facility.

Additionally, Wang explained that approximately 60 local workers are a part of the construction team, working along with seven Chinese nationals.  Director of Operations for the project, Charles Wallerson, had said that the building, when completed, will accommodate 50 stores. To date, Wang said 30 local stores have expressed interest in setting up operations at the shopping centre. He, however, stated that they will begin to follow up with persons in 2019 and move forward with signing contracts.

The complex is to include restaurants, movie theatres, food courts, and conference rooms, play areas and a park, a gaming centre, a tourism centre, a medical facility, a laundromat, gym and parking area.

The mall is to also be equipped with three open spaces for natural light, and three reservoirs, each possessing a capacity of over 80,000 gallons.

Wallerson had explained previously that they decided to work on the hybrid project since it was realised that such a facility is not available in Guyana.

The project was expected to be completed by 2018, however, investors had faced some delays in getting duty-free concessions in 2017.


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