Bandits abandon getaway car during high-speed chase

The stolen items that were recovered in the car

The police in ‘D’ Division are on the hunt for the perpetrators who broke and entered a Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo home and carted off several items and managed to escaped even after a high-speed chase.

The police in a press release said that on Tuesday evening, a building contractor secured his home before retiring to bed.

Several hours after, he was informed by a fellow villager that his home had been broken into and that the bandits had escaped in a motor car, the release added.

The black Toyota Allion motor car, PSS 3701 which the bandits abandoned after it crashed during the high speed chase.

It said the police were contacted and based on a description provided, ranks on a patrol noticed the motor car, PSS 3701 on the La Parfaite Harmonie Public Road, West Bank Demerara.

As a result, they gave chase behind the  car which eventually became stuck in a nearby drain.

The occupants managed to abandon the vehicle and escaped. The police said several searches were carried out but ranks came up empty-handed.

The stolen items which included an amplifier and a ‘Pioneer’ tape deck were recovered.

The vehicle was lodged at the Leonora Police Station as investigations continue.

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