Bar Association says no-confidence motion validly passed

-cabinet subcommittee to consider argument that 33 ‘not majority’

The Bar Council of the Guyana Bar Association yesterday said that Friday’s motion of no-confidence against the government was validly passed even as the government says it will review arguments that the 33 votes did not constitute a majority.

The Bar Council said in a statement  it noted the passage in the National Assembly of the motion in the name of the Leader of the Opposition on a vote of confidence.   It noted also that the result of the vote has been accepted by the Government and the President.

Therefore, the statement said that National and Regional elections are therefore constitutionally due by the operation of Article 106(6) of the Constitution no later than Thursday, 19 March 2019 on the expiration of 90 days from 21 December 2018, when the motion was passed…..

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