Mibicuri couple arrested after reporting break and enter at their house

-accused of lying to police

Shamwattie Ramdeo

A Mibicuri, Black Bush Polder couple was arrested on Christmas Day after they reported that their house was broken into sometime on Christmas Eve. According to the police, it is believed that the couple may have misled investigators after they gave different figures for the amount of money that was stolen, and also that some money was recovered in the house.

However, the family is upset at the way in which the matter is being handled by investigators attached to the Mibicuri Police Station, since they believe that the police should be out searching for the perpetrators instead of harassing them.

Shamwattie Ramdeo also known as “Sunita”, who operates a business at her home yesterday relayed that on Christmas Eve after returning home from an outing they had discovered that their house had been broken into and the upper flat had been ransacked…..

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