Repairs to Stabroek Market wharf will be done by Public Infrastructure Ministry

Dear Editor,

Please refer to an article which appeared in your issue of Friday, January 5, in the Business supplement captioned ‘Two years after roof collapse, Stabroek Wharf attests to City Hall’s propensity for empty promises.’

Just to be clear, the Stabroek Market wharf is a municipal facility owned and controlled by the Georgetown City Council.  However, the waterfront project, which involved repairs and modernization of the wharf will be done by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure under DFID.

Also, in numerous reports we announced that the project will commence in the first quarter of 2018; we are now in the month of January, 2018. Therefore, we are baffled by this report.

Again, all we ask is for writers and reporters to be accurate, fair and objective in their reports on matters and issues involving the Mayor and City Council. This is important not only for the good reputation of local media and the quality of their work, but also to engender public participation in activities and programmes aimed at developing the nation’s capital.

Yours faithfully,

Royston King

Town Clerk

City of Georgetown 

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