Criticisms of oil and gas preparations engaging attention of entire gov’t

Dear Editor,

The Ministry of Natural Resources welcomes all feedback from the public on any of the subjects under its remit. We would like to especially thank Melinda Janki (`What is being gained from ExxonMobil’s investment?’ – Stabroek News January 21, 2018) and Akola Thompson (`We need other industries when extractive ones fail us’ – Stabroek News January 22, 2018) for their recent letters in the press expressing a number of concerns with regards to Guyana’s preparation for oil and gas production in 2020.

The concerns raised in both letters are valid and we will further examine them with a view to making needed improvements going forward. We ask that both letter writers as well as all stakeholders look out for our planned round of outreaches and stakeholder engagements in 2018 during which we will have more chances to interact and receive valuable feedback from Guyanese.

There have been criticisms, not all justifiable, but acknowledged, of aspects of Government’s oil and gas preparations – from the legislation proposed for the Petroleum Commission of Guyana and our Draft Local Content Policy to the PSA with ExxonMobil and the signature bonus. These issues are engaging the attention of not only this Ministry but the entire Government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana Cabinet. Again, we welcome your feedback and comments as together we work to bring Guyana from ‘zero to 100’ in the shortest possible time to manage this resource with which we are blessed.

Yours faithfully,

Johann Earle

Public Affairs and Communications

Officer, Ministry of Natural Resources

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