Lining southern side of Princes St with pickets will affect residents with vehicles

Dear Editor,

Wortmanville/Werk-en-Rust is a very unique area in our City in that Princes Street is a very narrow street but its southern parapet is one of the widest parapets in the City (between 12 to 18 feet). The homes facing that street, parapet and the burial ground are front houses that have two or three residences behind them, whereby access is gained to the back houses through a side passageway. There are also hotels and other businesses on that road. Vehicle owners in the front houses have the choice to provide garage space under their building or just park on their bridges. The vehicle owners in the back houses will only be able to park on the Princes Street southern parapet.

Lo and behold, the Town Clerk is lining the southern side of that road with pickets while planting small palm trees on the parapet, which he said reflects  the Council’s intention to beautify the City.    Whenever this fellow speaks about a City Council project, it always turns out to be his project, with a contractor of his choice. He defends this position by saying  ‘It’s an administration decision so that it does not need to be approved by the Councillors’. Simply put, a visionary decision would have been to have that road widened. By putting those pickets there, vehicle manoeuvrability will be greatly affected ,since the residents have no choice but to park their vehicles on the street. Is that project a part of the City works programme and one of high priority? There are far more important things this City needs than to be wasting money on projects that are initiated by the Town Clerk and executed by certain contractors. I would like to echo the Movement Against Parking Meters’ call, that the Mayor and Town Clerk, be given the boot.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address supplied)

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