The city constabulary has a list of uncalled for shootings to its history

Dear Editor,

I founded ACDA RESCU in 2014 with my colleagues. It was launched in 2015, and its principle purpose was to inform citizens of the dangers of mind-altering substances. I brought over 100 photographs of drug addicts from as far back as 1996 to RESCU. We were inadequate in dealing with this problem, and it took a lot of reading and guidance from the late Clarence Young, founder of the Phoenix Recovery Project and others to comprehend the long term effects of these substances, which if you are religious you will conclude to be the communion of the devil, administered by demons that leads its users into hell on earth. That Marlon Fredericks was an addict placed him in a peculiar position.

The entire incident was part recorded and displayed on the net; other aspects the media provided.  The kicker must be brought before the court; his actions to the head and body were equally uncalled for, as again this man was not posing a threat. The constabulary has a list of uncalled for fatal shootings to its history. The Joint Services as far as I know have failed to put in place a test to determine whether persons of unsound mind are recruited. It is obvious that a more competent officer retired or on strength from the GPF or the GDF be placed to manage the city constabulary. The constabulary is not unaware of the narco outlets within their market jurisdiction, all this amounts to is a need for a revamp of that organisation and an evaluation of its armed staff.

Yours faithfully,

Barrington Braithwaite

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