It is the duty of every citizen to respect the flag

Dear Editor,

The inner compass of all people usually directs the soul towards justice.  But what I have observed is that the inner compass has been ossified in the men and women who dominate the decision-making process in the Granger administration.  I can only arrive at such a conclusion after observing the nature of the actions of Ms Amna Ally on the flag-raising ceremony at Corriverton.  How more anti-democratic can these people become?

In the national pledge, we all pledge to honour always the flag of Guyana.  The greatest honour we can do to that flag is to raise it and raise it proudly from Point Playa to Crabwood Creek on every occasion that presents itself.

For the education of Ms Amna Ally, Article 7 of the Guyana Constitution clearly states that it is the duty of every citizen of Guyana to “respect the Guyana Flag”.  So how dare the General Secretary of the PNC abuse her powers as a Minister of the State to disrespect the flag-raising process? The Mayor of Corriverton should have rejected this abuse of power and raised the flag come what may.  The police have no power to prevent a citizen from raising our Golden Arrowhead, which is a right enshrined in our Constitution.

It is a shame that the PNC and Ms Amna Ally are so intolerant that they cannot bear the thought that this nation has to be shared. It is not only the PNC which has rights to this nation and its national symbols. These people have lost their moral compass and the moral right to lead this nation because they have become mentally corrupt in less than three short years.  But the political novices in government must understand that managing the affairs of the state requires greater tolerance in order to navigate the chasms of being in government, that they will encounter along the way.

This foolish path of not heeding that this is a land that is made up of more non-PNC supporters than there are PNC supporters in 2018, will cause them to sink in the pool of political history, just as they sank in 2006 when Mr Corbin barely scraped one-third of the voters.  The PNC should wake up: Guyana is all ‘awee’ own.

Yours faithfully,

Sasenarine Singh

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