Authorities should remember that South Turkeyen is still part of their responsibility

Dear Editor,

I am a native citizen of Guyana. I took the option to seek a happy and comfortable abode in my country. I am part of the electorate. I pay all relevant taxes and abide by the laws of Guyana to the best of my ability.

My country allows me the privilege of making contributions to its development in many ways. One of those civic ways is identifying areas that can benefit from social, security, environmental and infrastructural improvement.

A few months ago, I identified some problems in the South Turkeyen area. Almost immediately, to the credit of the Guyana Police Force, one of the issues relating to traffic chaos at the junction of upper Dennis Street, D-Field South Turkeyen and the UG Access Road was addressed. Since then, traffic ranks have maintained an active presence and the previously prevalent traffic lawlessness there has been almost eliminated.

However, the issues of absent road lighting from that junction going south along D-Field access road, untrimmed road parapets, and now emerging potholes continue to haunt. Apparently, when street lighting was installed in the Pattensen/SouthTurkeyen area there was inequitable distribution.  My conclusion is drawn from observations that some sections of the community have a concentration of street lighting that can only be compared to a floodlit arena, while other sections remain in the dark. Compounding that malady is the general attitude that no one seems to be accountable nor interested in the state of affairs there. This is reminiscent of unchecked contractual works under the past administration, much to the disadvantage and disgust of citizens.

I wrote the Ministry of Public Infrastructure but there has been no response forthcoming or action from that end. I also spoke to two City Councillors on separate occasions, one of whom promised to raise the matter at a council meeting. I do not know if the matter was ever raised, but there has been no remedial action over the past three months to suggest that City Hall is in the loop.

Recently, a young cyclist was struck down by a car on the D-Field road after he swerved from a new pothole. Fortunately, he sustained no injuries and apologized to the petrified car driver while frantically gathering himself up from the fall. He lamented that his swerving was a belated reflex action, consequent on the darkness of the road which severely limited his range of vision. There are several other incidents along that stretch of roadway, including some criminal activity. Reptiles have also joined in the action. One night I sighted a huge alligator slowing gliding across that D-Field road, from one parallel canal to the next. The reflection of the moonlight in its eyes alerted me to its movement. Only God knows what would have happened if a pedestrian had intersected its path at that time.

When, as a citizen of this country, you see and address certain things yet nothing is done to correct them, it only creates apathy, disenchantment, and a sense of betrayal.

I trust that the authorities will remember that that section of the city is still a part of their responsibility to serve.

Yours faithfully,

Orette Cutting

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