Dear Editor,

It is a fact that the performance of the Guyana Police Force (GPF), for the most part, leaves a lot to be desired. Granted, it can be observed that improvements have been made of late. It is why I was so elated when I read about the police killing three suspected bandits on Thursday (March 15).

From what I’ve read, the bandits were in proximity to the bank and obviously trying to find a target. They subsequently trailed a target who made a withdrawal from Scotia Bank.  Fortunately, undercover cops/operatives were there and ‘found their target.’ The criminals.  It’s funny that police officers were trailing the criminals that were trailing the customer that made a withdrawal.

The criminals were then killed after opening fire on the police. I’m obviously grateful for that. But a disappointed that one escaped.

I just want to congratulate the GPF for a great job. Keep it up! And more of the same, please.

Yours faithfully,

Nicholas De Castro

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