Dear Editor,

Through facebook I have come to know an amazing lady named Rae Bob and the incredible work she is doing in Diamond on the EBD. Rae has a part-time job, pays her bills and in her spare time she goes into her community and beyond to rescue animals, take animals to spay, feed, bath and find forever homes for those left behind by their thoughtless owners. Several animals on the brink of death have been rehabilitated, thanks to her efforts, and now have loving homes.

A year ago, after reading her facebook postings, I reached out to her and made several trips to Diamond to help her pick up suffering  animals, many of which were beyond help and had to be euthanized. Dog owners in Diamond and other nearby villages have begun to call upon Rae for help for their dog problems and for accessing food. Even neighbourhood cats have benefited from her kindness. Rae has become a positive force in her community and speaks out for all types of animals.  She talks to her neighbours about how firecrackers frighten dogs and cats. Rae rescued a small breed that was burnt and found wondering in Albouystown.  She named her Lexi and keeps her at her home. Lexi is bright, alert and is now the boss of Rae’s six rescued dogs.

Every community in Guyana needs one or more animal-caring citizen like Rae. This goal can be achieved but it will require help from all those animal lovers who don’t have time to help the helpless animals at the community level. Rae and many angels like her are not wealthy, but they have something just as important – a heart full of love for animals and the willingness to work hard at the community level.

You can help build a permanent network of community animal-angels by contributing food, materials and financial support.  Let’s work together to build and support a strong network of Community Animal Angels!

Thanks to the following animal lovers who have made contributions in food, worm medicines, collars and shampoos, reduced veterinary fees. Among others, Noreen Gaskin, Ileana Bonnard, Godfrey Dundee; and Veterinarians, Dr Steve Surjubally  and Dr Nardeo Bassoodeo.

Yours faithfully,

Syeada Manbodh

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