The PPP and PNC are finished

Dear Editor,

Democracy is a great system of government.  It promotes dialogue and facilitates new ideas.  The problem arises when freedom of expression, particularly in the media, is overrun by those who repeat untruths, what passes for facts, and misrepresentations thereof.  Mr Braithwaite (SN, Apr 6) goes to great lengths to throw water on the ideas of some recent contributors to the press, and makes a great effort to the give the coalition some sheen on what has so far been a politically disastrous term for them.  This is so nonsensical and misguided as to deserve a response.

Mr Braithwaite’s claim that the coalition has sound policies is hilarious (for those who can still laugh) if nothing short of foolishness. The coalition has been a waste of time, effort and much of the financial resources of Guyanese.

Mr Braithwaite’s claim of the coalition lifting the aesthetics of Georgetown is so ludicrous and laughable when we consider what transpires for administration at the M&CC.  Is beautifying Georgetown what the coalition was voted into office for?  This is the kind of addled thinking which emanates from the coalition’s policy-makers themselves. Mr Braithwaite should avail himself of the facts first, before exposing himself to public embarrassment.

Mr Braithwaite and the coalition should learn to do the socially responsible thing and respect the opinions and ideas of others.  If they can’t produce anything better, be quiet, and maybe we wouldn’t notice. Finally, he should note that it has already been observed that the PNC and PPP are finished.  They are finishing themselves. Because neither is attracting leaders to take Guyana forward.   The coalition has managed to dig a gigantic hole for itself, all in two plus years’ time.  And the PPP? Their cabal is enjoying Granger’s good life waiting to get back to the wheel of corruption.

Yours faithfully,

Lance Cumberbatch

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