A foremost mentor of the Anglian Men of the WI has been lost

Dear Editor,

The Diocese of the West Indies has lost one of its foremost mentors of the AMWI and the Brotherhood of St Andrew (BSA) in the Diocese of Guyana.

Brother Edward Williams aged 77 years, died in March 2018. He was a distinguished educator in the Ministry of Education. His strength of character was noted by his colleagues during the night of reflection.

He was instrumental in the establishment of the Anglian Men of the West Indies and the Brotherhood of St Andrew in the Diocese of Guyana.

Brother Williams’s gift of discernment helped members to realize that extending greater compassion and understanding leads to greater unity amongst the Brethren and success in our endeavours in the wider community. Recognizing that relationships matter within the BSA, on an annual basis Brother Williams identified, encouraged and recommended young men for leadership positions in the organization. Both the AMWI and BSA will be forever grateful for his contribution to the upliftment of our organization.

Brother Williams was honoured at the 9th Annual General Meeting /Conference held in Barbados, in October 2017, where he was recognized for his loyalty, positive values, and significant contribution to AMWI inception.

Such was Brother Williams’ loyalty and influence that the President of AMWI, Brother Kevin Ryan from the Bahamas, and Vice President of AMWI Dr Trevor Hope from Jamaica, joined family and friends on the 22nd March 2018 at St Mark’s, Enmore for the service that celebrated his life.

Brother Williams leaves to mourn his wife, children, grandchildren and many friends, church brothers and sisters.

Yours faithfully,

Lancelot Tyrell

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