Minister Patterson should provide evidence to support his claim

 Dear Editor,

It is not my intention to heap opprobrium on the Patterson family due to the alleged actions of one member at this time; however Minister of Public Infrastructure Hon. David Patterson’s statement on the issue included a scurrilous statement about the previous administrations of Guyana run by the People’s National Congress and the People’s Progressive Party. Minister Patterson of the Alliance For Change says ”As a Minister of Government, I would like to assure the Guyanese public that I have not and will not attempt to influence the outcome of these serious allegations made against my brother in any way whatsoever. This is the principled position which I firmly embrace and ought to be a lesson to many under a previous dispensation who, it is widely known, regularly interfered with the course of justice in matters involving their family members, friends and even acquaintances.”

This issue is not easily dismissed by apportioning of blame; Minister Patterson by his statement has transformed the issue from personal to political and as a Citizen of Guyana, I ask that the Minister share his ‘widely known’ information and evidence to back such a serious charge. A sitting Minister of Government is expected to be more responsible with his words. As of now, our national image has been tarnished by his statement in a week where the USA issued a higher level crime alert for Guyana that included the warning that law enforcement personnel are often perpetrators of crime.

I await the Minister’s response to my questions on his allegations, but I will not hold my breath for I know an attempt at deflection when I see one. Our national treasure Martin Carter famously wrote “All are Involved! All are consumed! We seem doomed to this political reality no matter how hard we try to avoid it.

Yours faithfully,

Robin Singh

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