The tragedy of Cricket West Indies

Dear Editor,

In every endeavour, whether it is politics, business, the military, the police, the church or  the university,  except West Indies cricket, the responsibility for performance failures rests on the shoulders of management. Cricket West Indies (CWI)  has made it impossible to select its best players, to motivate its players, to guide and encourage its players, to prepare its players for engagements and, to nurture talent. In fact the management cannot even communicate civilly with the players.

A board that cannot have a friendly discussion about cricket with Darren Sammy must know it is fundamentally flawed. The most amazing thing about the current president of CWI is that he actually believes he is doing a good job while he presides over the final days of West Indies cricket. It is unconscionable that this bunch should cling to power while it is clear that they are despised by the very people without whom there can be no cricket. How can we end this tragedy?

Yours faithfully,

Romain Pitt

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