Fundamentally counterproductive interventions on GuySuCo

Dear Editor,

Readers may have noted with interest, some with dismay, the negative onslaught on systems and procedures said to be obtaining in the Guyana Sugar Cor-poration, and on the integrity and character of related management personnel, most of whom have sustained the organisation over the decades with a commitment which the current parvenues could not possibly appreciate.

For GuySuCo is not a mere industry. Certainly it is well understood by employees of all levels that they work in a historically cultural environment, supported by major educational and developmental structures, which interweave into the communities in which the Corporation operates.

The relationship between employee and organisation has always been a deep psychological, if not spiritual one – much more than just an industrial connection.

So that when both the familiar and uninitiated are bombarded, as in recent times, by a misrepresentation of fundamental organisational facts, little can they appreciate the effects of the mis-portrayal of roles, and indeed of lives of the players involved, and consequently the impact on their families, who must in turn be asking their employed parents and siblings, what it is that you have done, or been doing, wrong.

But this scenario of doubt and uncertainty is hardly confined to a domestic space.

It in fact transcends across departments, organisation unto the perception of prospective stakeholders for whom a ‘Special’ mechanism has been established to market defunct estates as opportunities for productive investment.

In this competitive world, one can hardly afford to underestimate the sensitivity of experienced investors about the socio-economic environments in which they may wish to adventure.

So that to advertise the largest and most populous industry in the country as depletive of skills, competencies, morality and character, is to communicate to the enquirer a profound message regarding the extent to which both the salesman and the marketed productives can be trusted.

For at this particular juncture the explicit message is, that no trust exists between the pretending ownership and the demotivated captives.

Exactly who then wins and who loses??

It has been nothing but a series of fundamentally counterproductive interventions!!

Yours faithfully,

E.B. John

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