I sincerely hope that this country will change!

Dear Editor,

Please allow me to express my thoughts and feelings about being a citizen of Guyana at this point. I know that I am making myself a bit vulnerable but this is necessary in order to express the emotions I feel. I sincerely hope that the readers would at least process what I am writing with much maturity, but anyway, I will take the risk.

When I was in my teens, I was a member of the National Cadet Corps (NCC). It was during those five or six years that I really learnt of commitment, love and loyalty to country; hence, I have spent my years ever since, really labouring for the development of my country and the betterment of my fellow citizens. Editor, I believed in this country, I believed that it can get better; I believed that there could be change for the better.

Although being qualified and well trained, I stayed and like so many others, worked day in and day out with the hope that our contributions could make a difference; hoping that our contributions would make a difference.

For years, I watched my peers and fellow citizens go abroad, got better jobs, nicer homes, in addition to certain comforts in life, some of them even looked nicer (smile). There is something about people who go abroad; many of them have a ‘glow’. I have always felt that all of us cannot go; some of us have to stay to develop our country.

But Editor was I wrong? Am I wrong? Is this country really going to change? Are any of our leaders better than the others? Are they all the same? Is country really important? As a citizen, should one have limits to what one is prepared contribute to the development of their country? Do our leaders really care? Are they really serious about fixing this country? Do my fellow citizens really want to see change in our country? Do I care too much? Are we wasting our time? Was staying worth it? Is staying worth it? Should our young educated citizens stay? Why should they stay? Should those who left return? Why should they return?  What is wrong with our country? Can it be fixed?

As a people, at some point, we have to say wrong is wrong and right is right! Even if the wrong is done by persons of our own ethnicity, group or political party. But then again, I guess power transforms normal people into strange creatures.

Hmmmmmm…I guess this is where one’s faith becomes critical. Having said all of the above, I am a believer in purpose and that one’s purpose is linked to particular locations and seasons.

I sincerely hope that this country will change! It has to change! Change must come…

Yours faithfully,

Audreyanna Thomas

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