PSC has shown bias towards MovieTowne

Dear Editor, 

The main reason that the Giftland Group keeps its distance from the Private Sector Commission (PSC), cocktail circles and other such organizations, is due to the heavy politicization of these agencies in following narrow political objectives and not for the broader good of its members.

The PSC under Eddie Boyer has shown his colours royally, the Commission standing up for MovieTowne is understandable up to the point where our Commissioner of GRA spoke highlighting that fraud and breaches to the Laws of Guyana had transpired. At that time it needed solid thoughtful, independent, nonpartisan and  intelligent leadership, Boyer failed miserably on properly analyzing the situation and making responsible decisions. Instead of attacking me and defending MovieTowne, Boyer should have hit the pause button, listened and despite himself digested what our Commissioner was saying, then come out and state categorically to let the Forensic Audit and investigations proceed. He could have made a statement perhaps  to the effect that the PSC would stand behind whatever is right and if these breaches occurred as described by the Commissioner then these were wrong and that the Giftland Group has proper cause for concern. Boyer has failed to understand that he represents a greater cross-section of the business society who are no longer cowed, intimidated, and who will not be forced to go along for narrow political ends.

The PSC  elections are today. I await to see if he has the backing of his membership with his reckless assault on the Giftland Group.

Yours faithfully,

Roy Beepat


Giftland Group

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