These two policemen acted professionally

Dear Editor,

I wish to thank Inspector Isaac and Sergeant Henry of the Anna Regina police station for acting on my complaint expeditiously early on Monday, June 25, 2018. I had the cause on several occasions to report a businessman who is blocking my business entrance with his lorries and  which is impeding my customers from entering my store. On Sunday, June 24, 2018 at about 4 pm  he purposely parked his lorry in front of my house and store at Lot 43, Cotton Field, Essequibo Coast. I had the cause to warn him and his employees many times not to block my entrance but he continues to do it without any reason.

I called the station about 4 am on Monday and reported to corporal Rampersaud that he is blocking my entrance again with his lorry and I would like him to get the patrol policemen to removed him from my in front of my entrance. Cpl Rampersaud  told me that he would send the patrol vehicle immediately to remove him. I waited for one hour and no policeman came. I called him back again. He told me that he had dispatched the ranks. Editor my house is about 200 rods from the Anna Regina police station it would only take five minutes to get to me but sad to say no rank ever showed up.

I then decided to call the Commander and reported the matter. He told me that one time he sent a policeman to take a statement from me about noise nuisance and I refused to give the statement. That was a blatant lie, no policeman ever came to my house. Some policemen and the businessman are friends, they always cover up for him with his bully attitude whenever I make a report at the station. They will never come to investigate my complaints. Anyhow, the Commander, told me that he would send a policeman to meet with me and take a statement.

As I was sitting on my verandah I saw Inspector Isaac and Sgt Henry come to my house. They were very friendly when asking me about the matter. They promised to look into my matter and will  warn the businessman not to block my entrance. I was satisfied that these two officers came to my home and gave me the satisfaction that I was looking for. They acted professionally.

Yours faithfully,

Mohamed Khan

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