Another gov’t rental in residential neighbourhood

Dear Editor,

Over the last two years there has been a slew of new  rentals by governmental and their semi- autonomous offspring in residential neighbourhoods. The latest publicized one being the Guyana Gold Board, opposite a school and next to a community play ground in Queenstown.  This followed inter alia those occupied by GWI & GGMC, all in residential areas.

To date there has been no governmental de-zoning of neighbourhoods. This leads me to wonder what these actions of knowingly moving governmental business into residential neighbourhoods foretell. I do admit that there are too many private businesses & schools in residential neighbourhoods, however it is expected that the government would obey the laws as are currently on the books.

If the government chooses not to observe the written laws of the land what example and precedent does that set? Is the citizenry then free to obey the laws we choose without legal consequence?  Or are some laws “more equal than others”? 

Yours faithfully,

Elizabeth Deane-Hughes

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