When will all Guyanese will benefit from oil find?

Dear Editor,

The IMF stated that mistakes were made in the setting up of contracts which would allow for benefits to Guyana. This brings clarity to this situation for Guyanese. Politicians will pass the blame fast and furious.

In my opinion, this is not the time for recriminations. What is needed is an explanation as to what benefits will accrue for Guyana. The production capacity can reasonably provide a guide to the profits expected.  How much will basic salaries be improved and when? The back bone for the future is our teachers. Will they get a salary increase in proportion to the increase made for Government Ministers? 

We see positive benefits for sports now. I commend EXXON for the support of our warriors. What other benefits can we see for sports training for our youths to take them from the path of drugs and crime?  And for the development of health, education, social services and security forces? When will we see a poverty alleviation programme, as has been initiated in St. Kitts where every household will be able to afford the basic necessities of life? For the development of an ultra-modern aviation sector?

A simple fact and time sheet as to when these changes will take place will greatly help in providing clarity to Guyanese who are feeling confused and disenfranchised amidst the find of Guyana’s oil reserves.

Yours faithfully,

Davendra Anand Sharma

St. Kitts

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