All of Guyana comes together at Giftland

Dear Editor,

I am constantly striving to see the positive in every aspect of Guyana. But it’s not always easy. However, I did find a positive place in the country to write about. Here’s my story.

I spend most Sundays at Giftland Mall after church. I find it to be a perfect place to beat the heat, reflect, eat, read and write.

 It’s one of the best malls in the country, and it’s a great unifier. All of Guyana comes together in the mall. At the mall, I see people from various nationalities, Americans, Cubans, Brazilians and Venezuelans.

The mall is one of the few places, except for the church that I see people from all walks of life assembled in the same place, eating, playing, socializing and watching movies together.

The mall is an anomaly. It’s quiet, family friendly and safe. I don’t have to watch my back when I am there.  When I am in the mall, I feel like I’m in another country.

Everything feels and seems different. The washrooms are always clean, toilet paper and soap are always available, dining tables and trash cans are always clean. There is never any garbage on the floor, and the floor is always spotless, food always look edible and the customer service is very good.

Every weekend when I go to the mall, l see the same people. The U.S. Ambassador, Charles Ramson Jr. and others. With the exception of Mr. Ramson, I have never seen any other politician, which I’m very grateful for because I don’t care much for politicians.

Most of the people that I see are ordinary citizens from the city and country.

Editor, I love looking at the expression on the faces of some of the people who are visiting the mall for the first time. The ambience and atmosphere of the mall just leaves them feeling breathless and mesmerized.

Moreover, I also enjoy watching people using the escalator for the first time and seeing the fear in them.

The Giftland is an anomaly. The one thing I would change in the mall is the music. I would like to hear a different kind music. I want to hear more Christian Gospel and Jazz music, John Coltrane, Kenny G, Bach, Mozart and others. Music that would inspire, stimulate and encourage positive thinking.

Yours faithfully,

Anthony Pantlitz  

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