Problems with GTT landlines

Dear Editor,

I have seen a report in the Stabroek News, August 22nd concerning telecommunications matters reporting the CEO, Mr. Justin Nedd where he laid great stress on the Internet and had very little to say about faults on landline phones.

From the time they announced the fast speed instrument I became interested but stuck to my same system because I was advised that there is very little difference, if any at all. However, my original service has deteriorated considerably.

Landlines 233-2734 & 233-2143

The above phones have given me lots of problems during 2017. I wrote about five letters to the CEO but have never had the courtesy of replies. I have been robbed for over six months by having to pay rentals for being denied the use of the above telephones, what a service we are experiencing, which is considered essential by what should be a reliable provider. We are entitled to refunds for the period our phones are out of order.

For instance, please see the most recent complaints: – 233-2143 reported out of order, 8th August, 2018

The technician came on 16th August, 2018. Did not complete repairs but advised he would check on the road, this is after he examined the connection outside of the building. I waited for about an hour and the phone did work, but half an hour after, the phone rang once and again went dead. This was immediately reported and the operator said I have to wait another four days, can you imagine this?

I immediately went upstairs after 4 o’clock the same day 16th August and the other telephone 233-2734 which was working very well suddenly stopped functioning, and assuming that the technician disconnected by mistake another wire, the following Friday morning, the 17th I reported and was told I have to wait another 4-5 days to remedy what might have been their own mistake, what an insult to injury. Both phones have been completely out of order since 16th August, what a shame.

GTT appears to have been given their own way to operate. For instance,

a)  In early 2017 I spoke to the Permanent Secretary of the Minister of  Public Telecommunications who promised to get back to me later the same day but never did. I then wrote the Minister but I did not even receive an acknowledgement to my letter.

b)  I then wrote the PUC but they have not even replied. The trouble with GTT appears to have been the getting rid of their old and experienced staff. I remember a Manager, Miss Elaine Isaacs for her efficiency in dealing with complaints, now she is no longer there.

Yours faithfully,

S.M.V Nasseer

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