Providence Housing Scheme neglected

Dear Editor,

In 2015, I was of the impression that Guyanese would have experienced the “Good Life” when the APNU+AFC came to power following general elections.

My expectations increased when oil was discovered and I said the good life is definitely upon us.

Guyana is really a beautiful country with great potential and Guyanese have been raising their hopes as I have been, but our politicians have let us down over and over. We have seen politicians raising their own salaries while sugar workers are being sent home and other sectors of public servants have been denied a livable salary. Teachers have been forced to strike to receive an increase in salary and other benefits.

We have seen the government pushing ahead with its model housing scheme at Perseverance, East Bank Demerara which has been provided with roads and all basic utilities while other home owners in close proximity at Providence Housing Scheme are being denied such support. It is an insult to us and clearly shows how insensitive our leaders are to their constituents.

On a regular basis I see letters in the newspapers from residents of communities that have been neglected with very little support from local democratic councils, and central government.

As I alluded earlier, politicians have been letting us down because they are the one that we have entrusted to make our lives better but instead they are the ones that are living the “Good Life” touted by this administration.

For example, one senior government functionary has constructed a mansion in Providence. That particular area has since received road lights around the property, telephone and internet service with lantern posts even planted on the main road to facilitate these services. The access road leading to this property is graded on a regular basis.

However, homes constructed in proximity are still without potable water from GWI and the roads are almost impassable and no one in the Central Housing and Planning Authority and by extension the Ministry of Communities seem to care.

It leaves me to wonder if this is another Pradoville Housing scheme in the making.

I humbly ask President David Granger, Hon. Ministers Ronald Bulkan and Valerie Adams-Patterson to look into our plight. Providence Housing Scheme was touted as one of Guyana’s major housing drive what has changed since the APNU+AFC administration came into office?

Yours faithfully.

(Name and address provided)

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