Systems in place for thrilling tournament

—says tournament coordinators Three Peat Promotions

Tournament coordinators Three Peat Promotions, declared that all systems are in place for the staging of the 6th Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ East Coast Demerara zone at the Haslington Tarmac tomorrow.

According to an official release, “All systems are in place and structures have been improved for a thrilling tournament that will captivate the large crowd that is expected to descend on the venue.”

The correspondence added, “The excitement and anticipation for the tournament is at a fever pitch. This year is expected very competitive, with several teams more than capable of wrestling away with the title from Melanie-B. Following a competitive qualifying tournament, the first of its kind in the zone, it was clear that quality of the participants have improved, which bodes well for the spectators.”

Eight matches will be staged on the opening night, with the respective winners advancing to the group stage on Saturday March 31st.

Upon the conclusion of the round-robin stage, the top two teams from each zone will advance to the semi-final round on Monday April 2nd. The grand finale will also be contested on the aforesaid date.

Winner of the competition will pocket $400,000 and the championship trophy. They will also earn an automatic berth to the National Championship.

In last year’s finale, Melanie-B defeated Plaisance–B 1-0, while Buxton Diamond finished third following an identical score-line over BV-B.

On the other hand, the second, third and fourth place finishers will receive $150,000, $100,000 and $75,000 respectively and the corresponding accolade.

Meanwhile, Guinness Plate Championship also be staged, with the winner walking away with $50,000.

The sixteen participating teams are: Melanie-B, 2014 winner Melanie-A, Plaisance-B, 2013 winner Plaisance-A, 2015 champ BV-A, 2016 winner BV-B, Buxton Diamond, Buxton, Victoria Church Yard, Haslington Hypers, Belfield Warriors and Paradise-A, Police-B, Mahaica Determinators, Mahaica Guinness Bar and Uprising.

Complete Fixtures

Plaisance-A vs Belfield Warriors-19:00hrs

Victoria Church Yard vs BV-B- 19:30hrs

Buxton Diamond vs Mahaica Guinness Bar-20:00hrs

BV-A vs Police-B- 20:30hrs

Melanie-A vs Uprising-21:00hrs

Paradise-A vs Plaisance-B- 21:30hrs

Melanie-B vs Buxton-22:00hrs

Haslington Hypers vs Mahaica Determinators-


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