CAC b/building judge Williams due for certification purposes visit

Coel Marks

Chairman of the CAC Judges Committee, Errol Williams will be in Guyana to facilitate a seminar ahead of the National Senior Bodybuilding Championships on July 15.

This is according to president of the local bodybuilding and fitness federation, Coel Marks.

Marks told Stabroek Sport yesterday that the July 13-15 fixture tentatively scheduled for the Giftland Mall from 17:00hrs daily is geared towards “certifying new judges and upgrading the current ones”.

He added “It’ll be a two-day theoretical training and culminates on the day of the show.”

Registration fee for the seminar is $5000.

Meanwhile, the National Seniors Championship is scheduled to get underway from 19:00hrs at Parc Rayne in Houston.

The flagship event of the federation, will see the top musclemen and women in the 592 gracing the stage. 

Said Marks “We have some great athletes lined up despite the reigning champ, Bruce Whatley still tentative. All the competitors are very anxious to grace the stage at one of the best venues a bodybuilding show has been hosted in recent years. A venue that’s sure to draw a very diverse audience.” 

Marks concluded by stating “The night is slated to have other entertainment pieces to keep patrons engaged. A surprised artiste also will be showcased. It’s should be a fun filled show displaying Guyana’s best.”

Fitness Express, the Ministry of Social Cohesion, Atlantic Marine Supplies, Body Alive and 711 Beverage Depot are some of the sponsors onboard so far.

Admission is set at $2500. See you there.  

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