OGM, weather blamed for stoppage of defending champs preparation

ECB Vice President Viren Chintamani

With Essequibo winning their maiden Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) Franchise three-day tournament last year the team began training with an eye on a successful title defence according to reports, an order was given for the preparations to be stopped.

Coach of the successful team, Ryan Hercules told this newspaper that indeed the team was told to cancel training for the week but could not say if the training would continue the following week or if it was stopped indefinitely.

When Stabroek News contacted President of the Essequibo Cricket Board (ECB), Fizul Bacchus, he stated that he was unaware of what was going since he was experiencing some personal issues at the time.

Manager of the team, Andy Ramnarine, said that the weather was the deciding factor in the cancellation of the training while ECB vice president, Viren Chintamani, said that the ECB was awaiting an Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) which was constitutionally set for last month.

However, according to him, ECB Secretary, Otto Christiani was not in the country, therefore forcing the rescheduling of the OGM.

The Vice President added that the OGM is expected to be held either this weekend or the following weekend.

Moreover, Chintamani added that the hosting of two competitions including an eight zone competition involving clubs from the area committees will be discussed at the OGM.

The ECB consists of eight area committees; Pomeroon, Central Essequibo, North Essequibo, South Essequibo, Wakenaam, Leguan, East Bank Essequibo and Bartica.

These tournaments, Chintamani stated were crucial to the development of the team’s composition since it is through these competition that players will be able to put their hand up and be selected for the franchise should they prove worthy of a spot.

The Vice President indicated that the ECB is very much committed to the success of Essequibo Cricket and commented on the efforts of Hercules, saying that the Board is “satisfied and grateful for his efforts.”

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