National Stadium perfect setting for finale

– Guinness Brand Manager

Tournament coordinator and principal of Three Peat Promotions Rawle Welch (3rd from left), collecting the championship trophy from Colours Boutique representative Samantha Thomas in the presence of (left to right)Referees Coordinator Wayne Griffith, Banks DIH Communications Director Troy Peters, Guinness Brand Manager Lee Baptiste, and Banks DIH Outdoor Events Manager Mortimer Stewart

Guinness Brand Manager Lee Baptiste has revealed that the National Stadium, Providence will provide the perfect setting for the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ National Championship finale, and that all systems are in place for a safe and secure environment.

 Speaking at a press conference held yesterday at the Thirst Park Sports Club, Baptiste said, “This tournament had humble beginnings in the streets of Tiger Bay and now it has grown so big that we have to host it at the National Stadium which shows how popular the community based tournament has become. Though this might seem insignificant to some, this is seen by Banks DIH as a second milestone, the first being, the Caribbean Championship. It reminds all of Banks DIH under the Guinness Brand and the stakeholders’ commitment to social constructive activities within the community. For the first time we will have stands which are expected to seat about 400 persons.”

 According to Baptiste, “In November 2017 we started the Guinness street football season with much enthusiasm and expectation, and it has lived up to that and more. We had a total of seven sub-meets, spanning from as close as Georgetown, and as far as Berbice, Linden and Bartica. With the exception of one, all other sub-meets saw teams winning for the first time, which is testimony to the competitive nature the tournament has reached. We are now down to the best four teams battling to see ‘Who is Made of More’, in a Georgetown versus Linden affair.”

 He further added, “For the first time in a long time we will have two female teams out of Bartica to participate in exhibition games, one all-female and a mixed game. All of what I just said could not be possible without the great support from our lone sponsor Colours Boutique, who is responsible for clothing all teams. On behalf of Banks DIH, I want to say thank you. In closing best of luck to the teams taking part. And may the best team win.” Communications Manager of Banks DIH, Troy Peters, disclosed, “We are expecting a huge turnout and as such we have taken parking into account. Patrons will be able to utilize the limited parking inside the Stadium for a small fee while there will be parking available at the loam ground just outside the Stadium as well.”

Meanwhile Samantha Thomas of Colours Boutique, said, that the company is honoured to be member of the event and a staunch supporter of sports and athletes. She further added that the entity will always be a supporter of the tournament which has grown into a national phenomenon.

Rawle Welch, Principal of Three Peat Promotions, the coordinator of the tournament, declared that the fans could not have asked for better semi-final match-ups, adding, “Everyone loves the Linden versus Georgetown football rivalry, and that is what we will have in the two semifinals before the final is decided. Former Champions Sparta Boss will clash with the reigning champions from Linden, Dave and Celina’s All-Stars, while 2018 Linden Zone Champs will play current Georgetown Zone holders, Gold is Money.”

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