Emancipation Cohesion Football league launched

From left, Latecia Stuart, (Chairperson), Keon Granado, (Bakewell representative), Dr. Dwight Waldrond, (Deputy CEO, GLDA), Dion Inniss, (GFF representative), Christopher Jones (Director of Sport) and Melissa Dow-Richardson (Assistant Director of Sport).

Director of Sport Christopher Jones Friday at the launch of the inaugural BV/Triumph 8th of May Movement, Emancipation Cohesion Football League, hailed the BV/Triumph 8th of May Movement.

According to a press release, Jones noted that the empowerment organization was alive and active and that the entity was not just at the beginning or formulation stages of its conceptualized plan but is an actual body.

Among those in attendance at the Cultural Night hosted by the Movement on the eve of Emancipation was His Excellency, President David Granger.

According to the release, President Granger’s presence ..”is in itself an indication of the Movement demonstrating its presence and influence not only in BV/Triumph but as far as Number 53 village in Berbice where people are talking about the Movement’s efforts.”

Jones informed that the National Sports Commission (NSC), acting upon a request, had donated floodlights to the Movement for use at the BV Playground.

According to the release Jones expressed his delight that the Movement had decided to use the donated floodlights for the Emancipation Cohesion Football League.

According to Jones, the input from all stakeholders was important to the success of the league.

He posited that the government would like to see more inter-institutional engagement in sporting activities which help to bring out the best talents in youths and suggested that the experience gained from this event will reinforce sport as a necessary movement for change.

Assistant Director of Sport, Melissa Dow-Richardson, spoke of the importance of maintaining a healthy, drug-free body as sports professionals and emphasized the need for athletes to stay away from both recreational and performance-enhancement drugs.  She warned that not only did the drugs have a negative impact on the body over time but pointed out that with the existence of random testing, athletes who are found to have used those drugs were likely to receive sanctions that can negatively impact their careers.

She praised the BV/Triumph 8th of May Movement for its  proactive approach in sensitizing the targeted youths on matters surrounding anti-doping policies and suggested that in order for individuals to be properly prepared for tomorrow, they must begin to inculcate the correct habits, attitudes and behavior today.

Executive member of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF), Dion Innis, said the federation was pleased with the Movement for the initiative. “GFF wishes to compliment the BV/Triumph 8th of May Movement for this excellent community-based initiative, which seeks to fuse sport, agriculture and the church. We are more than happy to provide technical support to the organisation, which shall ensure the football competitions are executed to a high standard.”

The BV/Triumph 8th of May Movement Emancipation Cohesion Football League will see 10 teams vying for the first prize of $350, 000, sponsored by Bakewell, the second prize of $250, 000  sponsored by Lloyd W.P Britton Enterprise and the third place prize  of $150, 000 sponsored by Gladstone O Benjamin.

Trophies are also at stake.

The League kicks off on Friday at the BV Playground from 0600hrs with five, one-hour matches. Each preliminary match will be played for one hour while matches from the semi-final stages will be played for 90 minutes.

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