Nothing to Laugh About promises to entertain

Officer Bribe and Sergeant Must Collect make an arrest.

Dubbed the best of the 11, the upcoming hosting of Nothing to Laugh About promises to be provocative as it will be entertaining as the producers say they will take it to a new level.

It is expected that politics, religion and other trending topics will all be part of the upcoming 11th edition of the show.

Leza “Radica” Singh
Lyndon “Jumbie” Jones

The likes of Michael “Credit” Ignatius, Lyndon “Jumbie” Jones, Kirwyn Mars, Clemencio Goddette, Brian Goodman, Chris Gopaul, Leza “Radica” Singh, Simone Persaud, Mark “Chinee Man” Kazim, Zoya Moore, Ashley Alfred, Kijana Lewis, Ann-Marie Singh, Mark Luke Edwards and Jermaine Grimmond will be part of the next edition.

A release from the producers said that fans can expect the show to deliver as it has done in previous years.

The show is set for June 1 to 4, at the National Cultural Centre (NCC) and tickets will cost $1,000, $1500 and $2,500.

Ticket locations include the NCC, Gizmos and Gagdets, Elegance Jewellery, Payless Variety (Vreed-en-Hoop and Georgetown), KFC

(Regent St), Sir Mars, Survival Supermarket, Igloo outlet (Providence) and the Giftland Mall.

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