Revolutionary album ‘Big Woman Tingz’ to drop July 13

Diana King

Tired of the way women are treated, especially in the music industry, Jamaican born Reggae-Fusion singer Diana King has taken matters into her hands to help women produce music free of cost and the initiative will see her ThinkLikeAGirl Music (TLAG) record label distributing the album ‘Big Woman Tingz’ come July 13.

“Historically, female ‘anything’ is not taken seriously and isn’t respected or given the credit deserved. We are exploited much more and paid much less. To be in this business, many times we pay the ultimate price with our bodies. It’s left us no choice but to take our careers into our own hands,” King said in a media release.

Explaining why she is working free of cost, the singer, who is internationally known said “I choose to work with female artistes for free, for now, so they don’t have to worry about certain ‘things’. I take nothing. Artistes own their music and publishing. As an artiste, I saw a need, and I filled it. I started ThinkLikeAGirl Music for myself. It’s the label I wish I had when I started out. Over the years, it has evolved.”….