Ambika Ramraj secures a spot in Miss World talent final

Guyana’s representative at this year’s Miss World competition Ambika Ramraj is one of 20 contestants to have secured a spot in the talent final, bringing her closer to clinching a place in overall pageant final, from among the 120 young women contesting.   

For the preliminary talent contest, Ambika did a dance portraying the goddess Durga in her highest elements of strength and power as she battled and conquered the evil in the world. The dance illustrated the battles one deals with daily in overcoming fears and obstacles and shining through in beauty by the strength gained from the struggles of life. The dance genre was classical Indian fusion. To prepare for it, Ambika worked closely with dancer/choreographer Roshini Boodhoo-Persaud and international dancer Zaman Mahamed Amin. 

The Miss World Guyana Organization is overjoyed by Ambika’s success in the preliminary competition. According to National Director Natasha Martindale,

Ambika Ramraj (Miss World Facebook photo)

“Ambika is over the moon happy with this accomplishment and filled with gratitude. This makes me happy. She still has a way to go and we need all of Guyana to support her.” 

A date for the talent final is yet to be determined. While the finalists await a date, contestants are currently competing in a head-to-head challenge where they share their life experiences and talk about what matters the most to them. They have been placed in groups and Ambika is part of Group Four in a challenge against Iceland, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Norway and Senegal. Already, the Guyanese queen is shining and the head-to-head challenge, a video of which was posted on YouTube. It has been liked by more than a 108,000 people from various countries around the world who believe that the Guyanese and Filipino contestants are the two toughest and either can win this challenge.

Although she is one of the most favourites, Ambika still needs votes to win this challenge. There are four ways persons can vote for Ambika: liking or following her official Facebook page; downloading Modstar, following Ambika Ramraj and swiping yes to vote; logging on to Miss World with their Facebook accounts, selecting Guyana and scrolling down to hit vote; and following instructions to vote using China’s Model Power Live, vote Guyana for Ambika. This is to allow for her to make it to round two of the head to head challenge.  

The Miss World Final is slated for December 8 in Sanya, China. 

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