I had promised myself that I wouldn’t get sucked into to the Royal Wedding hype, just as I didn’t when Kate and William got married but this one is hard to ignore because the optics resemble a true fairytale. Perhaps, I’m more drawn to this one because it is everything once considered taboo in the Royal family. There is something to be said about tables: they always turn.

I hadn’t really followed Meghan Markle’s style diary prior to the big day because I found it predictable with the exception of that one time she wore Emilia Wickstead. But then, to me, next to Princess Diana everyone else seems incomparable.

Nevertheless, Meghan’s style does represent and symbolize a new era in Royal dressing. It is one that is accessible to British subjects and outside of the bourgeois sartorial taste of the Royal family. Meghan never appears to be sticking out with opulent colours, hats that intrude on another’s personal space or hairstyles that appear to have taken five hours to get done. If anything, her hair always looks like if she just rolled out of bed; you know, like the reality of most women with real lives.

And, even though her clothing may carry a significant price tag, the choices of the silhouettes are so standard it is hard to track the brand back at times. This is what makes her wardrobe seem like clothing anyone could pick up at their local fast fashion retailer.

I have incredible admiration for the late Princess Diana’s style and she is possibly the only Royal I will ever admire in entirety, but her style on Meghan isn’t wise for public image given the times where we are living in and where there is so much disparity in the world. This is one factor that will give Meghan the modern edge that every other Royal lacks.

I have absolutely no predictions about her wedding gown. (The wedding is today, but this was obviously written before.) I would like to believe it was done by a British or UK-based designer to show her allegiance to her new family ties. I hardly believe that it will be some diamond-encrusted, over-the-top, Kim K-like dress. I believe it will definitely not upstage the price tag of Kate’s dress, even if it does in taste. It will not be far off from her image, which is accessible.

This week in view of the Royal Wedding and reminiscent of mine, I have gathered a few of my favourite wedding trends:

– City Hall/ Post Office Wedding

Most people seem to be choosing for less financially burdening wedding options these days. I had one similar to this. I suppose this is why the cost of wedding attire has dropped to all time low. Fast fashion brands are capitalizing on the new market that doesn’t want to spend too much on the big day. If you want a city hall/ post office wedding, you need city hall/ post office attire to match your big day. No elaborate gowns, a pants suit or a jump suit would do, or anything that would be less of a hassle to walk around in for that matter. If you must wear a dress, ensure that it is not one that requires it to be dragged on the floor.

– A different bride

Most brides opt for white dresses usually with some amount of lace or crystal embellishment. With so many bridal inspiration images floating around, it’s sometimes difficult to tell them apart. I suppose this is why customized accessories are becoming more of a thing. I have always loved veils as a second choice to a hat. Your initials towards the end would make a nice signature look.

– Layered jewelry

Forget the standard pearls and the little dainty diamond earrings. Weddings shifted from being entirely traditional to following mainstream trends. Ditch anything that makes you look like a basic bride. If you want to incorporate a trendy piece to your look, do it. At least you won’t look like a typical bride on Pinterest.



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