Pomeroon farming couple praises GMC’s support system

Michellina and Oscar Richmond

On Saturday the Richmonds had arrived at D’Urban Park from Jacklow in the Pomeroon River hopeful that the Guyana Marketing Corporation’s (GMC) Farmers’ Market might point the way to a definitive upward climb in their farming fortunes. Oscar and Michellina had taken a decision that they would be full-time farmers about ten years ago, shortly after they had been married. They had, Michellina said, made the decision ‘with their eyes wide open,’ – so to speak, aware that the journey would be one of good times as well as bad times. The years have, she says, brought no real surprises and a point has been reached where they are in it for the long haul.

On Saturday, at the GMC’s Fourth Farmers’ Market, the couple were selling cassareep, cassava bread, coconut water, plantains, citrus, dehydrated plantain chips, porridge mix, processed carambola and avocados…..

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