PNC War Room? PPP Situation Room?

Justifying corruption, thievery

Regarding Speaker Scotland, Mr Nadir

Mindful of my self-imposed caution not to contribute to any inflammatory rhetoric in this sudden season of political constitutional controversy and open and covert election campaigning, I resort to creative speculation today. Hence the question marks in my caption at the very top.

What follows are my hypothetical scenarios to describe, reveal machinations – especially – when senior party politicians “caucus” to plan the retention or acquisition of political managerial power (over us). But, mind you, I do have some actual insights regarding these matters. Only my residual ethics usually prevent me from quoting names.


At Congress Place and State House

So there was a No-Confidence Vote deemed successfully carried by the Opposition. So ruled the Assembly’s Speaker and his Clerk. Most citizens who bother to be concerned know what followed. The APNU’s Leader PNC (forget “R”), is now in aggressive election campaign mode utilizing all the governmental resources at its disposal – all the incumbents usually do. And even as that same PNC manipulates every strategy – seemingly with the collusion of His Excellency’s GECOM Chairman – to delay inevitable elections…..

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